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ALL of America’s Fire departments will LOSE ACCESS to millions of dollars if Congress does not ACT!

The Impact of the Fire Grants and Safety Act

Jane Porter, Executive Director

The Safety and Fire Grants Act (S. 870) is significant legislation aimed at improving community safety by providing extended support for fire departments, emergency services, and their personnel until FY2030. It focuses on equipping firefighters, making grant funding more accessible, and mandating an audit for efficient resource allocation.

Key Provisions and Impact

The act reauthorizes key programs like SAFER and AFG until 2030, allocates increased funding to the United States Fire Administration, and promotes collaboration for a unified approach to fire safety and emergency response.

Bipartisan Support and Financial Commitments

The act, with broad bipartisan support, introduces a new provision requiring an audit to identify barriers to accessing federal funds, and includes specific restrictions on entities operating in China. It also includes significant financial commitments, with $95 million in total appropriations for the mentioned programs.

Enhanced Safety Measures and Resilience

The act enhances safety measures for firefighters and communities by providing essential resources and advanced personal protective equipment, improving their ability to safeguard against daily hazards.

S. 870 represents a significant advancement in the nation’s commitment to fire safety and emergency preparedness, aiming to improve the resilience and effectiveness of fire departments and emergency services, with profound implications for national safety standards and continuous support for our emergency services infrastructure.

Contact your Senator to learn if they support S. 870. Tell them YOUR vote depends on THEIR support!

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