Firefighter Mental Health

Most Americans know, first responders have tough jobs to perform. The toll that showing up for people when they are at their worst is high on human beings. To ensure the sacrifices first responders make are not damaging, resources for growth and rehabilitation must be easily accessible for all.

Voter Turnout in Support of Ballot Measures that Benefit Emergency Medical Responders

As we outlined in our Referendum Report, ballot measures around the country pass at rate, however those that fail often do simply because of disengaged voters or a blatant misrepresentation of the facts.

Expansion of Presumptive Cancer Legislation

Most states, at the time of this writing 49 have legislation in place which presumes any firefighter who develops cancer very likely got it as a result of exposure to toxic chemicals through the jobs they perform. However, many states only cover a few types of cancer.

Deteriorating State of Fixed Assets

The Federal Government needs to step up to the plate so that American Emergency services infrastructure can be renewed. With fire stations as old as 90 years old still serving as hubs for the dispatch of equipment, America needs to do better in equipping its first line of response with adequate resources to meet the demands of a modern day fire department.

Funding for Federal Grant Programs

It goes without saying, there is an easily identifiable link between federal grant programs and the efficacy of fire and EMS response around the country. In short, programs like SAFER and AFG save lives. They deliver equipment small towns may not be able to purchase for themselves while ensuring the National Incident Management System can be utilized to its fullest potential in the event of a disaster.

Increased Benefits and Pay for the sake of Retention and Future Proofing

Each day the jobs firefighters perform comes under attack by those who do not understand the intricacies of the profession. Hearing of resignations on the heels of failed ballot measures which are intended to increase pay and staffing is a frequent occurrence and only hurts prospective employees.

Wildland Firefighter Benefits and Pay

For too long, Wildland firefighters have not received the attention and benefits they deserve. Working overtime just to make ends meet is a common way of life among these national heroes and that is unacceptable. Wildfires are larger and more damaging with each passing year, and it is time we treat these great public servants as though they are here to stay.

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