Nile Porter – Executive Director

Nile Porter is the President and Political Director of the Firefighters and EMS Fund.

He has an extensive background in state and local politics. As a lifelong resident of Milwaukee, WI, Nile has a deep-rooted respect and passion for issues affecting firefighters, first responders, and public servants. He is known for his critical thinking, cool temperament, and affable nature.

Nile is currently on the hiring list for the Milwaukee Fire Dept and is pursuing his degree in economics from the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee.

Robby Lamers – Treasurer

Robby joined Firefighters and EMS Fund because of his years of experience in the industry as a both an assembly technician and designer at a fire apparatus manufacturer.  Robby has unique expertise and experiences in the industry and understands that for most firefighters, fighting fires is more than a career, it’s a profession. He understands the rigors and stress that firefighters and medical technicians experience each time they are called to save a life. He believes in the Firefighters and EMS Fund because it assists in the best interest of not only firefighters and emergency responders but will also better engage voters and the public on important issues affecting communities as well.

Kyle Johns – Secretary

Kyle Johns is the Secretary of the Board of Firefighters and EMS Fund. He holds State of Wisconsin certificates in firefighting and HAZMAT awareness and has been a volunteer firefighter for over 10 years. He is also an infantry noncommissioned officer in the Wisconsin National Guard.


Ryan Majcen – Board Member

Ryan Majcen has been a firefighter for over 12 years. He previously served in the Navy as a firefighter and is now a paid on-call firefighter in Kaukauna, Wisconsin. Ryan’s family has a history of public service and he feels it is his calling to continue that legacy. Ryan is passionate about his work as a firefighter and his ability to positively impact people’s lives while doing his job.