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Name: Senate Bill 206

Description: Wildland firefighters have not been shown adequate respect for the work they do in the past because of this lack of recognition from California state government officials. “Seasonal” fires have been larger and more frequent in recent years and those who have come forth to defend the state of California during this difficult time should be properly recognized as employees of the state with adequate protections.

Call To Action:  FEMSF is urging its supporters and members to do learn about the challenges Wildland Firefighters face and contact their CA State legislator by going here: State Rep to contact

How to Call, Email or Write a letter a legislator tips page here: Elected Officials


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Name: Will New Orleans Firefighters See Funds From American Rescue Plan Act?

Description: The city of New Orleans has been forced to take out a line of credit to avoid emergency medical responder layoffs. Advocate for New Orleans firefighters now! President Biden will soon sign into law a bill to provide states with funds to offset lost tax revenue. Ensure adequate funds are allocated to emergency services to prevent future layoffs and enable the department to be staffed sufficiently so that first responders can do their jobs not only well, but safely.

Call to Action: Firefighters and EMS Fund urges the residents of New Orleans to reach out to local representatives and inquire about whether or not New Orleans firefighters will see funds from the American Rescue Plan and whether these funds will be used to keep New Orleans Firefighters working!

How to Call, Email or Write a letter to a state representative here: Find My Legislators

West Virginia

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Name: House Bill 2051

Description: West Virginia Lawmaker Chad Lovejoy has reintroduced a bill for the fourth time that would allow first responders who are diagnosed with PTSD as a result of their service to receive workers compensation.

Call To Action: Call Representative Lovejoy to thank them for their dedication to West Virginia firefighters and urge them to keep up the fight. Reach out to Rep. Lovejoy’s colleagues and urge them to lend their support to this initiative. All public servants deserve to be compensated for the sacrifices they have made to be there for each of us when we are at our worst.

Representative Lovejoy’s Office Contact
West Virginia Senate
West Virginia House of Representatives


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Name: Board Bill 221

Description: The bill’s sponsor, Alderman Tom Oldenburg, said it simply moves oversight of a pension plan established a few years ago for younger firefighters and new hires to the decades-old board that still runs a separate system for veteran firefighters.

Call to Action: Contact the St. Louis Mayor and urge them to strongly reconsider their position. The fire services profession is currently at a crossroads, and evidence that the profession is struggling to retain strong candidates to perform this essential service is beginning to show. Now is the time to work for increasing pay and benefits across the board to future proof the field.

Contact the Mayor’s office