Firefighters & EMS Fund’s 2022 Voter Guide is Published!

2022 Voter Guide - Firefighters and EMS Fund

2022 is a Midterm Election year which means thousands of political races, amendments, and referendums will be on the ballots for citizens to vote on at all levels of government across the US. With Republicans and Democrats struggling for control of the federal government, the political aspect of the election year will take front and center. But it is important to also gauge how candidates and proposed referendums affect your local community and local services like Fire & EMS workers.

Each major election cycle we publish a voter guide to raise awareness on the issues we believe are most pressing. This year is no different!

This year’s 2022 Firefighters and EMS Fund Voter Guide will feature an introduction from our Executive Director, and focuses on three main issues:

  • Personal Protective Equipment (PPE)
  • Getting Involved
  • Electing Pro-Fire Board Members

The guide will highlight the importance of electing the right candidates to local town and city boards, where so much is determined for budgeting and referendum approval. We will also look at a perennial problem for America’s Fire personnel, which was brought to public attention especially during the height of Covid, PPE. There is a tragic lack of PPE for our firefighters covering a variety of needs and functions, and it is a problem which we must address immediately.

We hope that this year’s Voter Guide will help educate citizens on what the most pressing issues are and will help them identify the best candidates and policies to support fire & EMS workers across the country.

Get your copy of our 2022 Voter Guide here.

2022 Voter Guide - Firefighters and EMS Fund