Announcing: Firefighter Fatality Report

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Announcing: Firefighter Fatality Report

Our Firefighter Fatality Report: 2012-2022 is here. This report compliments our efforts to advocate for better healthcare and resources for our nation’s firefighters by exploring fatality trends over the last decade.

Our report was compiled by analyzing reported work-related deaths for firefighters across all 50 states and US territories, including Puerto Rico and the US Virgin Islands. The years studied were 2012 through the current year to date reports in 2022. In total over 1,000 deaths were examined. Our report details the following trends:

  • Number of deaths by location
  • Number of deaths by rank
  • Cause of death distribution
  • Death trends by age

Our analysis comes to some interesting conclusions, such as the age at which the mortality rate begins to noticeably increase for firefighters over the last ten years. What might be the cause? The answer might surprise you!

Firefighter Fatality Report - Firefighters and EMS Fund

We will also touch on the average mortality rate over this period and on the role Covid-19 has had on this trend over the last two years.

Ultimately, our goal with this analysis was to provide insight into these tragic deaths on what might be causing them and who might be most at risk. The leading cause of death may also come as a surprise to many readers. Can this cause be mitigated? If so, what are some solutions?

We hope that this report will be informative, and awareness can be raised around the issue of firefighter mortality. Hopefully, we can even use this information to reduce work related deaths in the future.

Download the report here: