Announcing Firefighter’s Support Alliance, a project of Firefighters and EMS Fund

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Announcing Firefighter’s Support Alliance, a project of Firefighters and EMS Fund

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ARLINGTON, Virginia – Firefighters and EMS Fund is excited to announce the launch of the Firefighter’s Support Alliance project. This project comes on the heels of the organization’s in-depth research from 2018-2019 that revealed a deepening health and wellness crisis among firefighters.

The Firefighter’s Support Alliance website announces that it will be the main public engagement and messaging arm of the organization. The project will also aim to raise awareness about political and public policy issues that affect firefighters across the United States.

Nile Porter, the Executive Director of Firefighters and EMS Fund says, “Firefighter safety and health is an issue that is underreported and underappreciated. We believe that a direct grassroots approach will be the most effective way to raise awareness and provide solutions to these important issues impacting firefighters.”

Nile Porter also said, “Injuries, illnesses, and cancers are all opponents firefighters must battle while also battling the blaze. We are fighting to ensure firefighters receive the best equipment and care, and that preventative measures are taken to support our firefighters.”

The Firefighter’s Support Alliance will work to directly engage citizens and voters with digital and mass media efforts to support legislation and referenda that will save lives.

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