Citizen Advisory Committee: Advocating for Fire & EMS Together!

FEMSF Citizen Advisory Committee - Firefighters and EMS Fund

Citizen Advisory Committee: Advocating for Fire & EMS Together!

As a grassroots organization, we believe that action at the local level not only works, but is essential in advancing advocacy for Fire & EMS services in America. Real change can be made by people on the ground in their own communities. This is the philosophy that inspired us to create the Citizen Advisory Committee.

The Citizen Advisory Committee was launched at the end of last year and is an opportunity for people across America to advise our organization directly. This can be on local ballot issues, political races, or simply needs of their local Fire & EMS services.

In December, our Executive Director Jane Porter said:

‘The Citizen Advisory Committee is our latest tool meant to incorporate the voices of our supporters and the public at large into our organizational operations. Through the Citizen Advisory Committee, we can advocate together.’

FEMSF Citizen Advisory Committee - Firefighters and EMS Fund

This project is a wonderful, and strictly voluntary, opportunity for Americans with a passion for Fire & EMS to have a positive impact at the ground level. This is a nationwide program, open to everyone!

Your participation may get an important funding measure passed, elect a pro-fire candidate, or bring attention to an important local issue.

Volunteers are already making an impact and every new recruit strengthens our network of grassroots advocates for the concerns of Fire & EMS services. Like Jane said at the launch of this project, its greatest strength is getting like minded individuals to come together for a common purpose:

‘It is vital that citizens engage in their own communities to support their first responders. While we often think that we need to enact change on a federal or state level to see results, much of the time it’s the local advocacy and engagement that makes the most impact. Our advisory committee will bring people together to do just that.’

Summer is here and election season is right around the corner, making this a perfect time to get involved!

Sign-up for the Citizen Advisory Committee today and help us keep the momentum going for pro-Fire & EMS legislation, candidates, and local measures!