Grassroots Fire & EMS Organization Encouraging Americans to Vote in Support of First Responders

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ARLINGTON, VA – As part of their 2020 Voter Initiative, Firefighters & EMS Fund has kicked off a mail campaign to reach hundreds of thousands of Americans over the next few months and encourage them to vote in favor of Fire & EMS departments in their local and state elections. Firefighters & EMS Fund is a grassroots nonprofit political organization that provides a voice for firefighters & EMS in the political process by supporting ballot initiatives and working to elect political leaders at the state and local level who understand our firefighters’ and public safety officers’ interests.  

“We are very excited to launch this mail campaign,” said Firefighters & EMS Fund President Porter. “Change starts with individual citizens deciding to step up and use their voice and their vote to support our first responders. We can see it clearly now more than ever; our firefighters and EMS personnel need better funding and updated equipment. They sacrifice and risk so much for us on the front lines, the least we can do is provide what they need to do their jobs safely and effectively.” 

The mail campaign kicked off at the end of April, and will continue over the next few months to reach as many people as possible. As part of the mailing, citizens will receive a guide on issues to keep in mind as they head to the ballot box. For more information, supporters are also welcome to to download the full Firefighters & EMS Fund 2020 Voter Guide at

“The last few months have really highlighted what we’ve known for some time: firefighters & EMS services are chronically underfunded, and this leads to unsafe levels of staffing and outdated gear. We can fix that together by voting in favor of first responders at local and state levels this election year” President Porter advised. “Let’s give them the support they deserve.”

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