Firefighters and EMS Fund Attends FDIC 2019

Firefighters and EMS Fund Attends FDIC 2019

At Firefighters and EMS Fund, each year we look for opportunities to fulfill our mission. This includes finding ballot measures that we can support, attending and exhibiting at conferences, meeting local firefighters and organizations that need our support, and producing content that can aid department leaders in the legislative process.

This year, we attended the Fire Department Instructors Conference (FDIC) in Indianapolis. FDIC is a yearly event owned and produced by Clarion UX and sponsored by dozens of the industry’s largest manufacturers. This is our second year attending and we ran into some old friends and made some new.

Throughout the conference we were able to discover and interact with new charities to highlight, see and learn about some amazing new products being designed to protect firefighters, and take a deeper look at other great tools and resources that are in the market to keep firefighters healthy.

FDIC is an important event in the fire industry that is regularly attended by hundreds of exhibitors, including:

  • Administrative Chiefs
  • Apparatus and Equipment Specialists
  • Career & Volunteer Firefighters
  • Community Emergency Response Teams
  • Company Officers
  • EMTs & Paramedics
  • Fire Academy and Fire Science Students
  • Fire Chiefs
  • Fire Inspectors
  • Fire Instructors
  • Fire Marshals
  • HazMat Technicians
  • Line Chiefs
  • Training Officers

Why We Attend FDIC

Meeting with department members face-to-face at conferences like FDIC is one of the most effective ways for us to learn about future referendums and how we can help departments meet their legislative goals.

In addition to meeting a great deal of firefighters, we were also fortunate enough to meet the leaders of a few non-profits that are really making a positive difference in the fire services industry, and we hope to collaborate with them in the near future.

This year’s FDIC conference was a hit, and we left with more energy than we had when we arrived. We’re looking forward to FDIC 2020 and continuing to grow our network and work towards our mission.

Firefighters and EMS Fund is a grassroots political organization dedicated to advocating for the safety and well-being of firefighters and their families in our political process. This group of public servants deserve a unified voice in government and our coalition of everyday citizens, public officials and organizations are dedicated to providing that voice for firefighters, the local heroes across our country that require the support of their fellow citizens and public officials.