Grand Chute WI Testimonial

Grand Chute WI Testimonial - Firefighter and EMS Fund

Grand Chute WI Testimonial

Firefighters and EMS Fund came across a referendum being held in Grand Chute Wisconsin, and reached out to learn how we could be of assistance. Here is what IAFF Local 3655 had to say about our support of Grand Chute’s first responders:

On behalf of Grand Chute Professional Firefighters Local 3655, the Grand Chute Fire Department and the community of Grand Chute we would like to acknowledge your participation in the positive outcome of the 9 firefighter/paramedic referendum. With your generous help we were able to provide the community of Grand Chute the proper information through mailers, social media posts and yard signs. 

There is no doubt that with your help we were able to reach so many more residents with information for them to make a proper and informed decision concerning the referendum. The positive feedback from the community is directly associated with your assistance and willingness to help smaller locals who may not have a marketing team, or the resources needed to run a campaign.  

Thank you for all that you have done for the community of Grand Chute as well as for every other community you have provided assistance to. We are beyond thankful and humbled at your generosity.

Local 3655

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