How the Firefighters & EMS Fund Works

How the Firefighters & EMS Fund Works - Firefighters and EMS Fund

How the Firefighters & EMS Fund Works

Perhaps you are familiar with our organization and would like to brush up on what we do.

Or perhaps you would like to share our organization with a friend, neighbor, relative, but aren’t sure how to describe us.

Well, we have a new video just for you!

Our “Start Here” page is home to some great resources for new members and visitors to use to get a sense of our mission, priorities, and topics of interest-this includes a brief new video, “How the Firefighters & EMS Fund Works.”

How the Firefighters & EMS Fund Works - Firefighters and EMS Fund

This great video, which is under two minutes long, starts off with one of our central tenets, and that is: access to emergency care for all Americans is one of the most fundamental aspects of our standard of living.

The video goes on to cover some of the other basics; for starters, we are a political non-profit organization organized under section 527 of the federal tax code.

This means that in addition to advocating for Firefighters’ issues, we can engage in the political process to help ensure the best candidates for these interests win office at all levels of government.

We also work to advise local political committees and community stakeholders on how to best pass legislation and ballot measures that will benefit first responders and their families. To hear the rest of our great story, watch this brief video now!

Image Credit: Photo by Marc Kleen on Unsplash

Wildfires in the United States have persistently gotten longer, more destructive, and resulted in untold damages to both property and life for those caught in their paths. Departments and firefighters taking on these massive blazes need support and advocates to make sure their needs are met. And we are happy to announce that in California, we will be doing just that.