Introducing the Citizen Advisory Committee!

Citizen Advisory Committee Blog Announcement - Firefighters and EMS Fund

Introducing the Citizen Advisory Committee!

Our mission at the Firefighters and EMS fund is to provide a political voice and publicly advocate for our nation’s brave firefighters and emergency service personnel at the grassroots level.

Our organization focuses on a variety of issues and causes, from ballot measures to supporting pro-fire & EMS politicians at the state and local level.

Citizen Advisory Committee Blog Announcement - Firefighters and EMS Fund

And “local” is central to our strategy. Now, we are taking our emphasis on grassroots organization to a new level.

We have recently launched our newest initiative, the Citizen Advisory Committee.

The Citizen Advisory Committee is our latest tool meant to incorporate the voices of our members and the public at large into our organizational operations. Through the Citizen Advisory Committee, we can advocate together.

Using a simple signup process, those interested in participating with us can voice their concerns, engage with our local projects, and provide their point of view of issues affecting fire & EMS services in their community.

This project is strictly voluntary, with no formal commitments or obligations passed on to those who sign up.

For us, the Citizen Advisory Committee is an exciting new opportunity to work with you and we are eager to begin moving towards our goals together!

Signing up is easy and you can become part of our community using our Citizen Advisory Committee homepage today!