Grassroots Firefighter & EMS Organization Launches 2020 Voter Guide Initiative

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Grassroots Firefighter & EMS Organization Launches 2020 Voter Guide Initiative

ARLINGTON, VirginiaFirefighters & EMS Fund, a grassroots nonprofit political organization, just released their 2020 Voter Guide to encourage supporters across the country to remember their local firefighters & EMS personnel as they turn out to vote in upcoming elections. 

Nile Porter, Executive Director of Firefighters & EMS Fund, said, “Yes, this is an important election year at the federal level, but voters underestimate the power of local elections and ballot measures. Our first responders need better funding and resources, and our organization is going to continue to encourage citizens all over the country to get out and vote to ensure that our brave men and women have what they need to do their jobs well.” 

Firefighters & EMS Fund created the free 2020 Voter Guide to engage voters and encourage them to consider issues that affect first responders as they decide how to vote in upcoming elections. The guide is available for download on their website,and includes important information on voting for local millage, levies, and ballot measures; qualities to look for in Fire Commission Candidates; and more. 

“This guide is especially important, given the current lack of funding and failed ballot initiatives the last few years,” Porter stated. “We see in the news all the time of outdated equipment and mold in fire stations forcing firefighters to sleep in their trucks. People wonder how it gets this bad, and what they can do to support their local departments.” Firefighters & EMS Fund advocates that the best way for citizens to really help is by showing up in local elections, voting for better funding and resources for first responders, and electing leadership that really cares. 

You can download a copy of the 2020 Voter Guide here:

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