Firefighters & EMS Fund Launches Updated 2020 Voter Guide Ahead of November Election

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Firefighters & EMS Fund Launches Updated 2020 Voter Guide Ahead of November Election

ARLINGTON, VA. – Grassroots political organization Firefighters & EMS Fund has re-launched their 2020 Voter Guide and Awareness Campaign with updated information before the upcoming election on November 3rd. 

“So much has happened in our country since we first published our 2020 Voter Guide. Unfortunately, in many towns little has been done by our elected officials to support fire and ems services,” said Executive Director Nile Porter. “Firefighters & EMS personnel have faced so much this year, from protests and budget cuts to being on the front lines of a global pandemic, it is extremely important that people be encouraged to get out and vote in support of first responders.”

The mission of Firefighters & EMS Fund is to provide a grassroots voice for firefighters across the country in the state and local political process. The organization supports ballot initiatives and works to elect political leaders at the state and local level that understand our firefighters’ and public safety officers’ interests. The 2020 Voter Guide and awareness campaign is one aspect of supporting first responders across the country during this critical election year. 

The updated voter guide says that “it’s more important than ever to vote to support firefighters and first responders. Make sure you get out to vote by mail or at the polls!” The voter guide outlines important issues that are facing firefighters and EMS personnel, and what supporters should consider when deciding how to vote on local and state ballot measures. The organization is also reaching out to thousands of supporters across the country through direct mail to remind them to consider firefighters and other first responders as they cast their votes. 

To download your own free copy of the updated 2020 Voter Guide, visit 

Firefighters & EMS Fund is a national political organization organized under Section 527 of the IRS Tax Code. Contributions made to Firefighters & EMS Fund are not tax-deductible. Not authorized by any candidate or candidate’s committee.

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