March 2021 News Roundup

March 2021 News Roundup

2020 was a milestone year for Firefighters and EMS Fund. Nile Porter reflected on all the organization’s successes in his 2020 Executive Director’s Report. 

In his continued support of first responders, he also discussed the long overdue funding in the American Rescue Plan Act. He notes, “This funding, and the explicit funds earmarked for staffing and retention, mental health, and the address burnout, is the first step in the right direction for taking care of our frontline workers.”

The funding in the American Rescue Plan Act is not the only positive step in the right direction for the fire industry. The Department of Defense is finally recognizing the dangers of per- and polyfluoroalkyl substance (PFAs) and are seeking to end the use of them in combating fires. Removing these extremely harsh chemicals from use is huge for firefighters, and everyday citizens alike.

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