May 2020 News Roundup

News Roundup - Firefighter and EMS Fund

May 2020 News Roundup

This month was a particularly hard month for firefighters & EMS personnel all over the country. Not only does the Coronavirus continue to claim lives of our front lines, it also makes their jobs to protect harder. Social distancing, lack of information provided on patients, and more are taking a toll. Not to mention the beginning of wildfire season across much of our great nation. Some leaders are working diligently on plans to protect firefighters during wildfire season, and citizens and elected officials are calling on our federal government to provide better resources and funding to keep our firefighters safe and allow them to do their jobs effectively. In more sad news- Firefighters & EMS all over the U.S. are mourning for fallen officers this month, including at least 50 that have died from COVID-19 complications, and a huge explosion in Los Angeles hospitalized multiple firefighters.

On a positive note- South Carolina finally passed a bill covering firefighter cancer benefits, we celebrated and honored EMS Week this month, and some departments have started offering antibody testing for all firefighters. We are in this together, and we appreciate all the hard work and sacrifices that our front lines have made during this pandemic and beyond. 

Contact your representatives and demand firefighters & EMS receive the resources and funding they need to stay safe and keep others safe! Voice your support for the Senators that have called on the President to provide PPE to wildland firefighters. And keep our front line heroes (and their families) in your thoughts and prayers.  

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