Media Takes Notice of Firefighters & EMS Fund

Firefighter and EMS Fund

Media Takes Notice of Firefighters & EMS Fund

Firefighters & EMS Fund is committed to engaging citizens and building awareness of top issues facing our firefighters & EMS personnel. We believe that it is a vital part of our mission to provide access to resources that will help the public understand and engage in these issues and help supporters get involved and vote in favor of our brave first responders. 

Firefighters & EMS Fund is honored that media and news outlets across the country have taken notice of our mission and helped us reach audiences all over our nation. Recently, two of our news stories have gained a lot of traction in the news and had wide coverage- reaching thousands of American citizens. 

Our press release on our 2020 Voter Initiative spread like wildfire (and we apologize for the pun). Local news coverage included Erie, PAHorseheads, NYReno, NV, and more! We had local NBC news coverage in Chattanooga, TN and Youngstown, OH, and CBS coverage in Delmarva. Our story was also featured in the International Business Times and on  NewsBlaze.  

Our news story on the Value of a Grassroots Movement was well-received this past week as well. The Rockford Register StarOne News Page, and WRAL out of Raleigh, North Carolina have all featured our recent Op-Ed. 

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