Firefighters & EMS Fund Releases Explainer Video: “Here’s What Groups Like Us Actually Do for First Responders”

Fire Fighters and EMS Fund -Press Release-min

Alexandria, VA. – Political organizations like Firefighters & EMS Fund are still widely misunderstood and underappreciated for the work they do to support first responders at local and state levels across the nation. Firefighters & EMS Fund recognizes the lack of resources available to the public on this form of organization and so will release a series of explainer videos that share valuable insight into the work grassroot nonprofit and politically-oriented organizations like theirs do to realize their missions. 

Their first explainer video, “How the Firefighters & EMS Fund Work,” highlights the mission, priorities, and topics of interest of the organization. The video is under 2 minutes long and is simple to understand, even with no background knowledge of 527 political organizations or fireEMS rescue. 

“There are so many different types of nonprofit and political organizations out there, and a lot of what they can and can’t do is difficult to understand in the muddy IRS language that is available,” said Executive Director Nile Porter. “So we created this “Start Here” explainer video to make it simple to understand. Whether you want to get a better sense of what our organization does, or you want to introduce our mission to a friend but aren’t sure how to explain it, this video is here to set the record straight clearly and simply.”

This great video starts off with one of our central tenets, and that is: access to emergency care for all Americans is one of the most fundamental aspects of our standard of living. The video also covers some other basics; for starters, that we are a political non-profit organization organized under section 527 of the federal tax code. This means that in addition to advocating for Firefighters’ issues, we can engage in the political process to help ensure the best candidates for these interests win office at all levels of government. We also work to advise local political committees and community stakeholders on how to best pass legislation and ballot measures that will benefit first responders and their families.

Watch the full video and find other resources here: 

Firefighters and EMS Fund is a national political organization organized under Section 527 of the IRS Tax Code. Contributions are not tax deductible. Not authorized by any candidate or candidate’s committee.