Saybrook Ohio Testimonial

Saybrook Ohio Testimonial - Firefighter and EMS Fund

This year Firefighters and EMS Fund came across a referendum taking place to support fire and EMS services in Saybrook Ohio. The measure up for vote was an additional 3.5-mill levy to support full-time staffing, the order of a new ambulance and fire engine, and the construction of a new fire station. 

Professional consultant, committee member, and fire industry executive Will Anderson shared his thoughts on working with the Firefighters and EMS Fund:

Interestingly enough, historically, Saybrook Township has avoided using social media to communicate with the community.  However, this time around, I felt it was an effective and inexpensive way to reach a large number of people in a short period of time. Having managed fire department social media accounts in the past I saw success with those efforts. What I did not expect, was that Firefighters and EMS Fund would find Saybrook CARES on social media and reach out to me. 

When I got their message, I did a little research- I guess you could say I did a background check of you and your fund- what you represent and what your motives are; Rather than just having my eyes on what I was finding, I solicited help from other committee members to see if I was missing anything. We came to the conclusion that you were completely legit, despite false reports on the internet. In fact, I don’t know why people would think you were anything other than legitimate, unless they didn’t take the time to find out about you and your organization. 

Fortunately, your outreach coincided with a levy committee meeting where we verified there would be no strings attached and so the committee reached the conclusion that it would be grateful to receive a donation from the Firefighters and EMS Fund.

Both the levy committee and the IAFF Local 3196 took receipt of checks to support not only the committee’s political expenditures but IAFF local 3196 can continue programs that help the Saybrook community. Firefighters and EMS Fund’s donation to the committee will go toward things like providing smoke detectors, providing address signs for rural properties, and providing community CPR programs- all things that fire departments in rural settings may find difficult to achieve with limited finances. 

It’s good to know that as a taxpayer, citizen, and fire executive that there are organizations like the Firefighters and EMS Fund who advocate on behalf of fire levies. Money is limited and local communities are struggling with state-level budget cuts. This has forced towns and villages to tighten their belts because often the funds just aren’t there to staff stations and keep equipment on the road. It’s reassuring that there are funds out there like Firefighters and EMS Fund to help advocate for local public safety needs.