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Name: Senate Bill 206

Description: Wildland firefighters have not been shown adequate respect for the work they do in the past because of this lack of recognition from California state government officials. “Seasonal” fires have been larger and more frequent in recent years and those who have come forth to defend the state of California during this difficult time should be properly recognized as employees of the state with adequate protections.

Call To Action:  Firefighters and EMS is urging its supporters and members to do learn about the challenges Wildland Firefighters face and contact their CA State legislator by going here: State Rep to contact

Name: AB 991

Description: An act to amend Sections of the Labor Code, relating to workers’ compensation. Expanding coverage for firefighters who have heart conditions.

Call To Action: Contact members of the California Assembly Insurance Commitee. Here

How to Call, Email or Write a letter a legislator tips page here: Elected Officials


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Firefighters take pay cut in deal with governor

City or Department leadership vote? No, Governor