The Election is Close! We Are Releasing an Updated Voter Guide!

Updated Voter Guide - Firefighter and EMS Fund

The November 3rd Elections are just weeks away. The competing platforms offered by the two major American parties cannot be any more different. Who will best serve our Fire & Emergency Response communities?

We are launching an updated voter guide to inform you on the major issues and help you determine who will be the best choices for the FEMS Community.

Updated Voter Guide - Firefighter and EMS Fund

There are three major issues to consider when trying to answer that question: Who will be an advocate for Funding & Resources, who will be an advocate for Building & Equipment needs, and who will be the best advocate for the First Responders themselves?

Funding, and the lack thereof, is the primary obstacle in the way of addressing these problems. Fire & EMS services are funded through local governments, donations, and Federal Grants, such as the AFG Congressional Grant.

While the Federal Government earmarks hundreds of millions of dollars each year to help address the lack in necessary funds on the local level, this money is spread around thousands of locations in all 50 states. Quite simply, it is not enough.

Many of our Fire & Emergency Services professionals are not provided enough modern, safe equipment to do their work. There is also a lack of adequate funding to provide the resources needed to maintain effective training. Additionally, Fire & EMS workers are often being housed in unsafe, aged buildings which do not meet current recommended safety standards imposed by the Government.

Worst of all, these frontline workers are seriously overworked and understaffed. Money is needed to fill the gaps in recruitment. You can help make the difference for our Fire & Emergency Services on November 3rd! Make sure to get out to vote and elect candidates who understand the needs of this great community which serves us each and every day!

2022 Voter Guide - Firefighters and EMS Fund