2022 Local Fire Department Voter Pledge

Too many fire and EMS agencies around the country are running budget deficits due to inadequate funding. As a community, we need to step up and support the local services that are there for us when we need them most.

Sign the pledge and commit your vote to supporting emergency services in your community.

I pledge to get involved and vote to support local Fire and EMS services in my community:

  • I will find someone that needs encouragement and help convince them that the effects of not supporting local EMS can be catastrophic!
  • If I have time, money, or professional experience, I will lend my skills to support a cause that matters to my community.
  • I will push to elect local board members who will take the time to understand what is best for my community.
  • PPE Continues to be a vital component of helping keep first responders and their families together and well. I will vote Yes to updated equipment and gear that will protect those who protect us.