Woodlands Texas 2022 Testimonial

Woodlands TX 2022 Testimonial - Firefighters and EMS Fund

Woodlands Texas 2022 Testimonial

The Woodlands Professional Firefighters Association and The Unified Firefighters of The Woodlands PAC asked Firefighters and EMS Fund for strong consideration to help us succeed in our local and state political endeavors. We will be actively engaged in our upcoming local and state elections this November.

Locally, we have 4 seats up for election and every seat is being challenged. We are advocating for a fair and equitable compensation study for our firefighters and need to keep our locally elected incumbent officials who support not only implementing the study but will accept the results of such a study as well. State issues we are advocating for are changes in our Workers Compensation to benefit our firefighters so that they will continue to maintain their 100% pay when injured on duty serving the citizens of their communities. We will also be advocating for improvements in our behavioral health support resources to better care for our first responders that are dealing with PTSD and other emotional and behavioral challenges related to their service. We are also in the midst of advocating for legislative changes to enhance our presumptive cancer coverages. Many states have MUCH stronger presumptive legislation and we want to mirror the current legislation of those states, making cancer coverage a strong priority here in Texas.

Thank you Firefighters and EMS Fund for your donation, it will go a long way toward advancing our political agenda this year and comes at a very important time for us.