Woodlands Texas Testimonial

Woodlands Texas Testimonial - Firefighter and EMS Fund

Woodlands Texas Testimonial

Firefighters and EMS Fund, while searching for referendums to support around the country got word that firefighters in the Woodlands, Texas were fighting for candidates who prioritize public safety. We reached out to union President Erik Secrest to lend our support. 

Here is what Mr. Secrest had to say about his experience working with Firefighters and EMS Fund:

Right now, we are in campaign season. We actually used half of your donation for a full page endorsement advertisement in a community newspaper for our 8 candidates. 

We also recently hosted a FIRE OPS 101 event to educate elected officials of the challenges we face day in and day out. This way, when we approach them at our Town Hall or at the State Capitol with issues we are having, they can better understand and relate because they have personally gone through this training.

I definitely see the value in organizations like Firefighters and EMS Fund. Other than being familiar with the organizations name, I have had no previous experiences with Firefighters and EMS Fund.  Their willingness to support organizations like ours and assist us with  furthering our goals and agendas to keep our brave men and women safe is invaluable.

Politics are critically important when it comes to making sure our men and women have the equipment, tools and training to safely and effectively perform their jobs and allow us to better serve our citizens.