Fall Projects 2020

Firefighter and EMS Fund

Fall Projects 2020

This Fall, Firefighters and EMS Fund worked on various political projects to help get out the vote for many towns facing important measures on the ballot surrounding fire department funding. Below are links with more details to the projects and campaigns we worked on leading up to the 2020 elections. 

Nile Porter, Executive Director of Firefighters and EMS Fund also had this to say: “Firefighters and EMS Fund is proud of the work we’ve done over the past several months. We look forward to more opportunities in the future and are excited to make an impact.”

Woodlands, Texas

In Woodlands, Texas firefighters were fighting for candidates who prioritize public safety. With a donation from Firefighters and EMS Fund, they were able to get a full page endorsement advertisement in a community newspaper for our 8 candidates. 

Grand Chute

In Grand Chute, Wisconsin the fire department and community successfully passed 9 firefighter/paramedic referendums through the use of mailers, social media posts and yard signs.

Saybrook, Ohio

In Saybrook Ohio, a big measure up for vote for an additional 3.5-mill levy to support full-time staffing, the order of a new ambulance and fire engine, and the construction of a new fire station. Firefighters and EMS Fund worked with the levy committee and the IAFF Local 3196 to pass the levy and they will be able to continue with programs that support the community.

Genoa Township, Ohio

Firefighters and EMS Fund made a direct monetary contribution to the This Is Us Genoa Township committee to help boost their Get-Out-The-Vote efforts to help them reach their citizens and impact voters. It was a positive turnout for the fire department and  a successful levy campaign.

Kirkland, Washington

Firefighters and EMS Fund assisted Neighbors for a Safer Kirkland, to understand their goals and objectives and assisted them with contacting local voters to ultimately gain voter-approved funding through the use of text support, digital advertising, graphic design, and guidance on how to best reach the community.

Refugee Canyon Fire District

Firefighters and EMS Fund provided financial assistance to a unique fire district that serves Hebron and Union Ohio. Though not successful, they were able to create a positive image for the levy and connect with voters on a new level and move in the right direction for serving the community.

Jerome Township, Ohio

After several years of not passing, a fire levy was up for renewal in Jerome Township. They are able to extend their outreach to voters through mail inserts, text messages and Facebook ads to successfully pass the levy.

Firefighters and EMS Fund will continue providing support to communities in need. It is important to give a grassroots voice to the firefighters by supporting ballot initiatives and working to elect political leaders at the state and local level that understand our firefighters’ and public safety officers’ interests.